Adult Scoliosis Treatment in Houston Texas

Scoliosis Treatment for Adults in Houston

Is there really an effective adult scoliosis treatment in Houston Texas?

Listen to what our patient Jesse had to say about that.

Adult Scoliosis Treatment in Houston Texas

Jesse has had scoliosis since his early teen years.  When he was younger her was placed in a hard static scoliosis brace. Although that did stop the progression of his scoliosis curvatures back then, it didn’t stop the slow progression of  his scoliosis during his adulthood.

While a static scoliosis brace is designed to stop the rapid progression of a scoliosis during a period of rapid growth around puberty by acting like a body cast and immobilizing the spine.  With scoliosis there is already an imbalance in the strength of the muscles in the back. Those muscles on the inside of the curvature are shortened and weakened, while the muscles on the outside of the curvatures are strained due to having to take over the work of holding the body up since the other side is unable to do its job.

When a spine with scoliosis is immobilized, muscle atrophy tends to occur, especially in those weakened muscles on the inside of the curvatures. So when a static brace is removed these muscles are even weaker than before and are unable to support the spine without the brace causing the person to spiral further into their scoliosis curvature.

While adults don’t generally have a rapid progression of their curvatures, once their curvatures pass 20 – 25 degrees gravity starts to take over and pulls the unstable spine further to the side, which causes the scoliosis curvature to gradually worsen over time, at about 1 degree per year. So a curvature that is in the 20’s when someone is 20 years old can progress to a 40 degree curvature by the time they reach 40 years of age.

Larger curvatures tend to cause more pain due to degenerative changes of the spine caused by instability. While most adults, like Jesse, are told there isn’t really much that can be done to help once you are an adult, other than stopping doing strenuous work and live on pain medications, the reality is there does happen to non-surgical scoliosis treatments that can help adults too.

The SpineCor brace has been found to be incredibly effective in helping adults relieve their scoliosis related pain due to degenerative changes that have occurred in the spine as a result of the instability caused by the muscular imbalance.  This dynamic device not only helps stop the slow progression of scoliosis in adults but often times it can help reduce scoliosis curvatures as well.

Our scientifically validated comprehensive scoliosis treatment approach combines the use of the SpineCor scoliosis brace treatment with specific scoliosis exercises called the Schroth Method.  This combined approach using both bracing and scoliosis exercises has been found to be the most effective way of treating scoliosis without resorting to scoliosis surgery.

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