Adult Scoliosis Treatment in Houston Texas

Scoliosis Treatment for Adults in Houston

Is there really an effective adult scoliosis treatment in Houston Texas?

Listen to what our patient Jesse had to say about that.

Adult Scoliosis Treatment in Houston Texas

Jesse has had scoliosis since his early teen years.  When he was younger her was placed in a hard static scoliosis brace. Although that did stop the progression of his scoliosis curvatures back then, it didn’t stop the slow progression of  his scoliosis during his adulthood.

While a static scoliosis brace is designed to stop the rapid progression of a scoliosis during a period of rapid growth around puberty by acting like a body cast and immobilizing the spine.  With scoliosis there is already an imbalance in the strength of the muscles in the back. Those muscles on the inside of the curvature are shortened and weakened, while the muscles on the outside of the curvatures are strained due to having to take over the work of holding the body up since the other side is unable to do its job.

When a spine with scoliosis is immobilized, muscle atrophy tends to occur, especially in those weakened muscles on the inside of the curvatures. So when a static brace is removed these muscles are even weaker than before and are unable to support the spine without the brace causing the person to spiral further into their scoliosis curvature.

While adults don’t generally have a rapid progression of their curvatures, once their curvatures pass 20 – 25 degrees gravity starts to take over and pulls the unstable spine further to the side, which causes the scoliosis curvature to gradually worsen over time, at about 1 degree per year. So a curvature that is in the 20’s when someone is 20 years old can progress to a 40 degree curvature by the time they reach 40 years of age.

Larger curvatures tend to cause more pain due to degenerative changes of the spine caused by instability. While most adults, like Jesse, are told there isn’t really much that can be done to help once you are an adult, other than stopping doing strenuous work and live on pain medications, the reality is there does happen to non-surgical scoliosis treatments that can help adults too.

The SpineCor brace has been found to be incredibly effective in helping adults relieve their scoliosis related pain due to degenerative changes that have occurred in the spine as a result of the instability caused by the muscular imbalance.  This dynamic device not only helps stop the slow progression of scoliosis in adults but often times it can help reduce scoliosis curvatures as well.

Our scientifically validated comprehensive scoliosis treatment approach combines the use of the SpineCor scoliosis brace treatment with specific scoliosis exercises called the Schroth Method.  This combined approach using both bracing and scoliosis exercises has been found to be the most effective way of treating scoliosis without resorting to scoliosis surgery.

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Scoliosis Treatment to Prevent Scoliosis Surgery in Houston

“Scoliosis – Just Watch and Wait. Really?”

Many parent’s of children with scoliosis are faced with a dilemma when it comes to the above orthopedic recommendation.  On one hand it may be a relief when you are told there is nothing to do but if the curves progress then you are left with the feeling: “Why didn’t we do something to keep it from progressing?  Now we are that much closer to needing scoliosis surgery in Houston!”

Avoid Scoliosis Surgery in Houston

Listen to what the father of one of our patients had to say about “Watch and Wait” and how he took maters into his own hand to prevent his daughter from having surgery.

He is not alone. We hear that same story of the medical recommendation for parents to  “just watch and wait” time and time again. That’s because doing nothing in the early stages of scoliosis is the standard of medical care.  There is a good reason for that and that is because most medical options are of limited benefit.

Hard bracing has not found to be effective because it immobilizes the spine and further weakens the already weak muscles on the inside of the curvatures so that when the brace is removed the curvatures tend to progress even further.

Physical Therapy and chiropractic can often provide some temporary relief in symptoms but do not tends to be particular effective in reducing curvatures because most provide exercises bilaterally. This is a problem because while doing an exercise on one side can reduce the curvatures, doing the same exercise on the other side can actually aggravate the curvature.

The SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace is different as it allows the body to move so there is no muscle atrophy. In fact, the weakened muscles on the inside of the curvature actually get stronger as the elastic bands of the brace gently move the body into the direction of correction.

When this is used in conjunction with specific scoliosis exercises, like the Schroth Method of scoliosis exercise then the body had a chance to stabilize and correct the curvatures of the spine and in many causes will actually reduce the scoliosis curvatures.

In fact, scoliosis research shows that the combination of scoliosis bracing and specific scoliosis exercise is the best method of conservative scoliosis treatment at stopping the progression and even reducing the curvatures of scoliosis and the need for scoliosis surgery in Houston. The reason for this is that both work to actively engage the musculoskeletal systems and helps the body establish new patterns of movement that help balance the body.  By lengthening and strengthening specific muscles on the inside of the scoliosis curvatures this type of treatment can help realign the spine and make scoliosis a much more manageable condition.

Doing nothing for scoliosis is now an antiquated thought process. Like most other conditions, the earlier it is caught and treated, the better the outcome.  Scoliosis is no different.  If treated in the early stages, when it is most correctable, the outcomes are far better.

If you are looking to avoid scoliosis surgery in Houston then find out if our methods of Corrective Movement Therapy is right for you. Give us a Call (713) 489-1169 for a Free Phone Consultation with one of our doctors. you’ll be glad you did!

Considering Alternative Scoliosis Treatment in Houston?

If you are thinking about alternative scoliosis treatment in Houston for you or your child to try to avoid surgery? Then taking the time to choose the right doctors is an important decision that you should consider very carefully before you begin. Discovering what’s important in therapy of scoliosis in children is first step in the process.

5 Things to ask a doctor when consider non-surgical options for you or your child’s scoliosis


1. Do you provide a Variety of Scoliosis Treatment Options?

Because you are trying to avoid scoliosis surgery, it is important that the doctor does not just provide scoliosis treatment as a sideline. Instead look for someone who specialize is in the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis.

Because we do specialize in the non-surgical treatment we do offer a comprehensive scoliosis treatment approach. Comparative the variety of services that are offered to see if the doctors does indeed have a great depth of knowledge of scoliosis.

2. Are the scoliosis treatments provided specific for the causes of scoliosis and backed by research?

At Scoliosis Systems we find that our patients tend do their homework before to choosing us our methods because they are based on the latest scoliosis research. Just take a look at our site and you will see the research that backs it up.

We Invite You to Learn More About Scoliosis by reviewing the rest of our site.

To help people understand how our approach is different we provide FREE PHONE CONSULTS to discuss the details of your case to see if our dynamic approach is right for you. (See details at the bottom of this page)

Also to help people better understand the nature of our work we formed a non-profit organization called the Scoliosis Care Foundation . It is dedicated to supporting scientific research into the cause, detection and non-surgical correction of scoliosis and was designed as a source to help you become more familiar with our evidence based options.

3. Are the Providers Certified and Experienced in The Scoliosis Treatment They Offer?

One of the many treatments we us in our scoliosis therapy is a dynamic tension scoliosis brace called SpineCor. It’s unique, patented design provides unparalleled results. Unlike traditional static scoliosis braces the SpineCor dynamic brace actually moves with the patient helping them strengthen and lengthen specific muscles of the trunk that have become weakened and shortened by the scoliosis. Due to the fact that each individual’s scoliosis symptoms are unique fitting the Spinecor brace properly requires an in-depth understanding of biomechanics, neurology and biophysics to configure it properly.

Not only were our doctor’s among the first to become Certified Spine Cor Providers for use of the brace for scoliosis in children back in 2004, they later did some of the pioneering work with scoliosis in adults by helping develop the Spine Cor brace for adults. They’ve helped thousands of patients with their scoliosis symptoms and are the most experienced Spine Cor providers in the United States.

Unfortunately some of our patient have come to us after being misfit by another provider and have looked to us to fit it properly for them. So if you are considering the Spinecor brace for either adult scoliosis or adolescent scoliosis, be sure to inquire about the level of experience of the provider.

Ashley Argota, the actress who plays Lulu on the Nickelodeon’s hit TV show “True Jackson VP”, is a satisfied patient of ours. See what she has to say about her results with Spine Cor and Scoliosis Systems.

To see other videos of our patients experiences with our Scoliosis Systems visit our YouTube Channel and you will find dozens of other success stories.

3. Do They Offer “Specific” Scoliosis Exercises  ?

When it comes to scoliosis exercises there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” type of exercise for scoliosis and not all scoliosis exercises are created equal. The rehabilitation of scoliosis requires a very specific type of “unidirectional” exercise to correct a crooked spine. Further, each area and type of scoliotic curvature must be addressed in a way as to help correct the abnormal rotation pattern in that part of the body, without aggravating a curvature in another part of the spine. In fact, the wrong kind of exercise for scoliosis can actually make your curvatures worse, so knowing the difference is critical.

Because of this we’ve incorporated the Schroth Method of specific scoliosis exercise. These exercises were originally developed in Germany and have over 80 years of clinical research to back them up. They are highly regarded in the scoliosis research literature and are used extensively in Europe for the treatment of scoliosis.

Our doctors are Schroth Certified Instructors and are among a handful of providers in the United State that certified to provide Schroth Method instruction for the treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis.

4. Do They Utilize cutting Edge Technology & Diagnostic Testing to Examine Scoliosis Causes?

We specialize in the treatment of scoliosis so we make every effort to provide our patients with the best and most innovative tools in scoliosis diagnosis and treatment that are available today.

Reducing Radiation with Advanced Imaging for Scoliosis

With the management of scoliosis, radiation is always a concern since curvatures need to being monitored periodically. While most practices use x-rays as their sole method to check the progress of treatment we look to limit our patients exposure to harmful radiation by using Formetric Rastersterography as an alternatives.

An advanced imaging device called Rasterstereography is used that measures the body surface and curvatures in scoliosis without the use of radiation. This German technology is highly accurate and has been used by universities and research clinics in Europe for over 20 years to monitor scoliosis and other spinal deformities. We are the only ones U.S. to utilize this advance technology, which gives our patients the benefit of reducing their x-ray exposure during the course of their care by as much as 75%.

There is a genetic factor to scoliosis that has recently been used to predict the probability of curvature progression.  The test called ScoliScore can assess if there is a genetic link to your child’s scoliosis that can determine the degree of risk you child’s scoliosis progression. This information allows for us to determine what course of treatment is best for them.

5. Do They Utilize Advanced Technology for the Treatment of Scoliosis Related Conditions?

Most experts in the field of scoliosis agree that there is an underlying neurological component in most scoliosis cases that needs to be addressed. Recent studies in the field of pediatric neurology have pointed to the upper cervical spine (specifically the Atlas) as being involved in the neurological imbalances causing scoliosis symptoms.  The Atlas is the top bone in your spine and it sits directly underneath your skull. Because of it’s location, even a small amount of misalignment can cause torsion to the delicate spinal cord, brainstem and nearby cerebellum, which can impact their function and cause. Atlas misalignment can contribute greatly to scoliosis, so keeping this key vertebra in its proper alignment is critical to allow for a clear passage way for our spinal cord.

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