Scoliosis Treatment to Prevent Scoliosis Surgery in Houston

“Scoliosis – Just Watch and Wait. Really?”

Many parent’s of children with scoliosis are faced with a dilemma when it comes to the above orthopedic recommendation.  On one hand it may be a relief when you are told there is nothing to do but if the curves progress then you are left with the feeling: “Why didn’t we do something to keep it from progressing?  Now we are that much closer to needing scoliosis surgery in Houston!”

Avoid Scoliosis Surgery in Houston

Listen to what the father of one of our patients had to say about “Watch and Wait” and how he took maters into his own hand to prevent his daughter from having surgery.

He is not alone. We hear that same story of the medical recommendation for parents to  “just watch and wait” time and time again. That’s because doing nothing in the early stages of scoliosis is the standard of medical care.  There is a good reason for that and that is because most medical options are of limited benefit.

Hard bracing has not found to be effective because it immobilizes the spine and further weakens the already weak muscles on the inside of the curvatures so that when the brace is removed the curvatures tend to progress even further.

Physical Therapy and chiropractic can often provide some temporary relief in symptoms but do not tends to be particular effective in reducing curvatures because most provide exercises bilaterally. This is a problem because while doing an exercise on one side can reduce the curvatures, doing the same exercise on the other side can actually aggravate the curvature.

The SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace is different as it allows the body to move so there is no muscle atrophy. In fact, the weakened muscles on the inside of the curvature actually get stronger as the elastic bands of the brace gently move the body into the direction of correction.

When this is used in conjunction with specific scoliosis exercises, like the Schroth Method of scoliosis exercise then the body had a chance to stabilize and correct the curvatures of the spine and in many causes will actually reduce the scoliosis curvatures.

In fact, scoliosis research shows that the combination of scoliosis bracing and specific scoliosis exercise is the best method of conservative scoliosis treatment at stopping the progression and even reducing the curvatures of scoliosis and the need for scoliosis surgery in Houston. The reason for this is that both work to actively engage the musculoskeletal systems and helps the body establish new patterns of movement that help balance the body.  By lengthening and strengthening specific muscles on the inside of the scoliosis curvatures this type of treatment can help realign the spine and make scoliosis a much more manageable condition.

Doing nothing for scoliosis is now an antiquated thought process. Like most other conditions, the earlier it is caught and treated, the better the outcome.  Scoliosis is no different.  If treated in the early stages, when it is most correctable, the outcomes are far better.

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