Schroth Method

Benefits of Schroth Method

If you are someone you love has scoliosis there are scoliosis treatments that you can help correct it without surgery or involve wearing an uncomfortable hard brace. The Schroth Method can help you correct your scoliosis curvatures. This is a specific scoliosis exercise method that is administered by specially trained doctors or therapists in the Method to treat patients with scoliosis.

The Schroth Method has benefited many patients both children and adults.  While most children do not have any pain associated with their scoliosis, by the time the reach adulthood the degenerative changes that occur from the chronic imbalances caused by the scoliosis can cause significant pain and disability.

This is therapeutic system that uses different isometric exercises that helps in strengthening and lengthening asymmetrical muscles of people with scoliosis. The goal of this method is to not only stop any abnormal curvature from progressing but also to reverse curvatures that has already occurred with scoliosis. This method of exercising not only helps patients stop the curvature from progressing it can also reverse curvatures that has developed improving function of the body.

It also helps patients reduce any pain experienced due to scoliosis, increase their vital capabilities, gradually improve posture thereby improving appearance as well, allowing them to avoid scoliosis surgery. It is advised that patients do the set of exercises involved in this method on a daily basis to help them start realigning their spines.

The exercises involved in this method is highly regarded by experts in the field of non-surgical scoliosis treatment as it directly answers to the immediate cause of developing a curved spine which is any imbalance in the strength and bulk of the muscles particularly of the back. Muscle strength and bulk are ideally at balance to keep your spine in its original position. Once there is an imbalance your spine will twist abnormally resulting in either an S-shaped or C-shaped spine as seen on x-ray and what we generally know as scoliosis.

The Schroth Method is a regimen that helps strengthen and stretch muscles to reverse rotation and elongate the spine back into its original position. The set of exercises takes about ½ hour everyday but must be done on a daily basis to see immediate results. Patient compliance is essential as this method entails work on the part of the patient. But considering that surgery or living on pain medications is the other alternative the price is small in comparison. This method is a way for patients to help them control and improve their health and wellness for the rest of their lives.

We utilize this specific scoliosis exercise method as part of an overall non-surgical scoliosis treatment program that includes the use of other corrective movement devices and specific therapies to help stop the progression and reduce scoliosis curvatures.

To find out if you or your child is a candidate for the Schroth Method or one of our other scoliosis therapy programs, call our office today. Our doctors offer a complimentary telephone consultation to talk about the specific issues involved in your case of scoliosis.