Dynamic Scoliosis Brace Called SpineCor

Conventional scoliosis brace treatment is used to merely stop the progression the growth of the curvatures of the spine. It does nothing to help the spine to return to its natural position, but there is a new brace out there that clinical studies show actually can reduce scoliosis curvatures in both adolescents and adults called the SpineCor scoliosis brace.

SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

Scoliosis can cause a range of symptoms, most important of which are cosmetic deformity, such as uneven shoulders and uneven hips, and chronic pain. It is also important to note that treatment with the SpineCor Brace has been shown to improve the curvature of the spine in patients of all ages and all degrees of curvature. This pain can turn into a serious disability that can affect the everyday living activities of the patient in question. It is important to note that in adults, changing the shape of the bones is not a realistic expectation but more importantly most treatment is good at relieving pain and improving the daily living conditions of the patients.

This dynamic brace treatment has been shown to be effective in adults. It is important to note that only an orthopedic doctor can decide whether or not this treatment is appropriate for any particular patient. However, in most cases, the treatment will begin with a set schedule during which the adult’s body is meant to adjust to handling the brace.

The SpineCor Brace is a dynamic, flexible brace. It can be worn under clothing and it does not restrict the normal movements of the person’s body. Within the first three months of the treatment, the patient will only wear the brace for a set amount of time, until his or her body has adjusted to be able to endure a full-time application of the brace.

The brace is usually designed to promote corrective movements of the body to decrease scoliosis curvatures and postural faults.  This is what provides relief from chronic pain. In addition to that, while the brace is worn, the patient is able to participate in a variety of physical activities. To help facilitate spinal correction the patient also  participate in specific rehabilitative scoliosis therapy exercises called the Schroth Method.

These exercises are used as part of a comprehensive rehabilitative program. This program is designed to strengthen the spinal muscles and to help the spine into a more natural alignment. In addition to that, it is possible for this type of a brace to improve the cosmetic appearance of sufferers of scoliosis.

In most cases of adolescent and adult scoliosis, the dynamic bracing is done for eighteen months to two years. However, in some cases, with danger of spinal instability, this treatment might continue past the two initial years. Conventional medicine has found treating adult scoliosis is challenging but now the SpineCor brace has been proven to be effective in helping adults manage this difficult condition.

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